BOWB Calendar

  1. Rick & Sharon says:

    Great to hear about BOWB, sounds great — hopefully we will be in town for the Jan 8th gig.
    Let us know if there is anything on the Dec blues horizon.
    Rick & Sharon

    • Rebecca Blais says:

      Great site. Not sure if I will be around on Jan 8th (traveling for internship interviews), but if I am in the area, count me in!

  2. Keith Kendall says:

    First saw you guys play at Sun & Moon Cafe last year. Georgia Perin Ball is a long time friend, so we all braved the snow to drive up the canyon that night. Loved the music, plus anywhere there are Martin guitars, I might be there. I play in a large folk band, UpsideDown (mostly in the Ogden area). Loved your version of Rider, which was the first song we did when we started our group at Granite High in 1963. Hope to get to one of your next few concerts, or maybe run into you at Intermountain Guitar & Banjo.

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