Mean Old World, by BOWB

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Better Off With the Blues
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“Hey Lordy, mama, one more time. Make it ten, fifteen, fifty times. I been sittin’ here the past half hour swimmin’ in sinnin’ and drownin’ in the SLC blues. Ya’ll the meanest. P.S. The sound engineering is great. Everything comes pouring out.” – T. Matthews

“Great album!” – R. Nutting

“We’ve just spent the last two hours listening again and again to your new CD. And what a fabulous evening it has been. We haven’t listened to an album 3 times in a row since Sergeant Peppers in 1967. We’re in heaven. It really is great.” – M. Stites

Mean Old World CD - BOWB

We released our CD, Mean Old World, in December 2012. You can hear a few songs from the CD using the player on the left. Or you can purchase it at CDBaby, Amazon or iTunes.

  1. Carla Coates says:

    Great CD! Congratulations. Paul, I especially like your Music for a Livin’. Remember me when you’re famous, OK. Carla C.

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